Friday, 1 April 2011

Knowing Where You're Going

It was great to gather the worship leaders in our church yesterday evening. Over the past few weeks I've been trying to create a resource that will run on a near monthly basis to help develop both experienced and inexperienced worship leaders in our church, going through basic and more specific areas that need development in our church context. Last night was the start...

The aim of last night was to get our guys and girls clear on what the role of a lead worshipper is – from why we gather together to sing songs, to what it is to be 'led into' the presence of God, as well as looking at leading ourselves, our responsibilities in leading and defining spiritual leadership in our context.

Part of the evening's discussion involved purpose statements around the following question.
In less than 40 words, how would you describe your role as a lead worshipper?

What would you write?

It was fantastic to share our passion and vision for God's people together and such a blessing to have so many in our team who are excited about introducing and connecting others to Jesus through music and encouraging a corporate response to Him as His bride, the Church. I'm really looking forward to our next session together as a team in which we'll be practically examining how as worship leaders we can be vocal and direct, encouraging and motivating the church...

The takeaway section from this week was to write a visionary statement looking at leading ourselves to Christ and then leading the church (which will probably need a few more words)...

What do I want to see God do in my life (in terms of encountering and engaging with Him)? What do I want to see happen amongst those in our church as a result of our times enjoying God together?

I want to know that all of the guys and girls that I oversee in the team are focussed and on a mission to glorify God with the gifts He has given them.

I'll leave you with my wife's purpose statement...

To first be an authentic worshipper - then to introduce people to Jesus and the Father, facilitating the work of Spirit in order to encounter and engage with God for His glory and our joy.

I love my wife. I find the way she has used God, glory and joy in the same sentence to be very, very, very attractive.

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