Monday, 16 May 2011

Finish it.

Below are the lyrics to a song I wrote towards the end of last year. I absolutely loved penning this – it was great to contemplate Jesus' cross up close again.

One issue though. It could have done with a much stronger melody with some bigger hooks to do the words justice. The tune just wasn't that interesting. And it's too ingrained in my head now for me to get away from it.

So I was wondering...

Does anyone want to have a crack at finishing it for me? Try not to change the words. However, if you don't feel the lyrical meter fits the tune you've developed then adjust the words, but try to only change unimportant words or joining words. If you have a copy of the original tune that I wrote, try not to listen to it. If you want to though, maybe you could have a go at improving the hooks.

You can download a recording here:

And the original lyrics and chords here:

Apologies for the slow and basic recording.

If you want to have a go either email me a recording at or post a link to your version below. If you come up with a version that I think brings the best out of the lyrics then it's game on. I'm not one for fussing over royalties and all that and I'm sure we could agree something. It's more important for me that the truth in this song gets out there and impacts people's lives and leads them to Christ.

If you like the original as my wife does, or have been using it already and find it works fine, then please feel free to still use it in its original format.

I hear a voice cry from the Cross,
Of the Christ who left His throne,
From eternity of the Trinity
Now forsaken and alone.
He is made my guilt
He is made my shame
He is made my every sin.
In the great exchange He is my disgrace,
As I'm made innocent.

How vast the love that keeps Him there,
How determined is His hand.
For the ones He saves are the ones who hate
And despise His every plan.
Yet the joy that waits
In His Father's house
Is His strength this awful day,
For eternally will His enemies
Be the trophies of his grace.

'It is finished!' thus is His final cry,
As He breathes His dying breath,
And my sin He takes down to the grave,
As would I have done in death.
Yet no match is sin
For His righteousness,
As in life He overcame.
Jesus' life is His, both to take and give
And in rising, lives to reign!

Oh to join the the voices of Heaven's choirs
Crying 'Worthy is the Lamb!'
Glory, blessing, honour and might be Yours.
May Your praises never end!
You who once were slain,
Who were made our sin,
Now the Praise of Heaven and Earth.
Jesus, now the name above every name,
And the King of endless worth.

Lyrics Matt Giles © 2010 Honeycomb Music Publishing Ltd

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